In anticipation of our BIG 30th birthday celebration on Friday this week, 15 October 2021, we're looking back at our best memories from the past three decades. Join us! RSVP by clicking 'GOING' here:

Zinzi Mgolodela, who has worked with us for ...sixteen years and has been a key role in supporting Food & Trees for Africa through WOOLWORTHS, shares her highlights and hopes for the future here.

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You're invited! Join us virtually as we celebrate thirty years of Food & Trees for Africa this Friday, 15 October 2021, at 11:00. Save your seat by clicking GOING on this event.

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How has Food & Trees for Africa impacted your life? Melissa Andrews, FTFA Ecopreneur, tells us her story here. Share yours in the comments below. We want to hear from you!

Join us this Friday 15 October 2021 as we celebrate 30 years of Food & Trees for Africa. The event is virtual... and starts at 11:00. RSVP by clicking 'GOING' here:

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In the lead up to Food & Trees for Africa's 30th birthday celebration on Friday 15 October 2021, we're reflecting on our best memories from the past three decades. Listen to Bharathi Tugh, KwaZulu-Natal Branch Manager, in this short video here.

Join us! RSVP by clicking ...'GOING' here: The event is virtual and starts at 11:00.

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Where does Tanya Visser, FTFA Board Member, see Food & Trees for Africa in thirty years time? Watch this video to find out.

Join us next week on Friday 15 October 2021 as we celebrate thirty years of Food & Trees for Africa! The event is virtual and starts at 11:00 sharp. RSVP by ...clicking 'GOING' here:

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The stories we start never end. Rosyn Fortuin, a teacher at the EDEN School for Special Educational Needs, shares how Food & Trees for Africa has improved the lives of many through school food gardening, permaculture and learning how to grow our own food.

Food & Trees for Africa celebrating 30 years this Friday! Join virtually on 15 October 2021 at 11:00. RSVP by clicking 'GOING' here:

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Next year I want to make sure I have garden in Gauteng harmaskral

Hearing success stories from former EduPlant students — like Jeffrey Kheswa here — always makes us smile! Jeffrey represented his school, West Park Special School in Queensburgh, KwaZulu-Natal, in the #EduPlant finals in 2005. As a scholar with learning difficulties, permaculture and the ...EduPlant programme became a part of his vocational training. When he left the school system, Jeffrey was employed as a groundsman at a private school. Here, he established a food garden and encouraged those staying in the hostel to get involved in the food security initiative and to learn how to grow their own food. Unfortunately, due to #COVID19, the hostel had to close but Jeffery is continuing to share his skills and knowledge! He is now teaching a class of learners with special educational needs permaculture. Here are some photographs.

To find out more about Food & Trees for Africa and our food security programmes, and to donate, visit our website:

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We are thrilled to invite you to celebrate thirty years of Food & Trees for Africa! Join us virtually on Friday 15 October 2021 as we look back on three decades of addressing food security and environmental sustainability in South Africa and as we look forward to the future.

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Soon after finding out about the EduPlant programme, which empowers learners, teachers and community members to grow their own food rather than relying on handouts and food parcels, the school food garden at Elizabeth Matsemela Secondary School sprung up! This was in 2017. The key reason for this security initiative was, and still is, to bolster the school's nutrition programme by supplying the kitchen with fresh produce straight from the ground.

Now, five years later, Elizabeth Matsemela Secondary School is extending a helping hand to the greater community of Soshanguve by sharing what they've learnt, encouraging more and more people to start growing vegetables, herbs, fruit and nuts, and advocating for a hunger-free future.

Here are some recent highlights from the school.

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Three Crowns Senior Primary School is located in the rural, poverty-stricken small town of Cacadu (formerly Lady Frere) in the Eastern Cape. The majority of the learners used to come to school hungry. This had a big impact on levels of concentration as well as absenteeism. Then Three Crowns SPS ...started their school food garden! Through the EduPlant programme, those involved in the food security initiative learnt about permaculture and how to take care of plants, the planet, and natural resources like the soil. The school also received resources (seeds, seedlings, gardening tools and the #GrowingGreen book) and, thanks to the Chris Hani District Municipality, boreholes for better water. Now the learners get to eat vegetables every single day!

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Chuchekani Primary School is located in the very dry area of Lulekani, a township outside of Phalaborwa in Mopani District Municipality of Limpopo. Despite various challenges, this school food garden project is growing from strength to strength thanks to the dedicated teachers, learners, and members who tend to it. Chuchekani Primary School is extending its positive impact through the EduPlant mentorship programme, adopting neighboring schools and educating them about permaculture, sustainability, and the importance of growing your own food. Thank you to Tiger Brands for the ongoing support of food security and empowerment projects like this!

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Happy Women's Day from EduPlant and Food & Trees for Africa! Today, we're celebrating the wonderful women on the team, including Robyn Hills and Bharathi Tugh as profiled here, and all that they do for our earth, its people, and the future:

Who are celebrating today?

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This is exactly what we hope to see from any implemented action project - using the project as an opportunity for learning. Simangaliso Dlamini brings to life, what could be a dull lesson on nutrition by using their GSSS installed vege tunnel as an opportunity for learning more! These Shea ...O'Connor Combined School children are learning through experiences rather than by book about what to eat during the time of Covid and for the greater good of the planet too... Plant Based News PERMACULTURE Southern Africa Tasty Vegetarian Vegan Society South Africa African Conservation Trust (ACT) Global Search for Sustainable Schools Implementers Global Action Days Eco-Schools UN Environment Programme SDG Youth Forum EduPlant 10YFP Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme #Myactionsmatter #GlobalGoals #Learnforourplanet #ESDfor2030 #handprint #globalactiondays

Did you know that close to a third of the world's food production depends on bees. They contribute directly to food security. Bees, and all other pollinators, also maintain biodiversity and thriving ecosystems. Our world would look very different without them so this week we're starting with a shoutout to them!

For more information on the importance of pollination and pollinators:

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Look at these healthy, happy learners from Simekweni Primary School. An abundance of broccoli was harvested recently. Tomatoes and spinach too! Situated in rural Eastern Cape, in KwaBhaca (formerly Mount Frere), the 150 beneficiaries of this food security project now have regular access to ...nutritious meals through the feeding scheme. The permaculture lessons through the #EduPlant programme and Food & Trees for Africa, and thanks to the generous support of Tiger Brands, have been implemented successfully. This food garden has also instilled a sense of responsibility and leadership in the learners!

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It's #FoodGardenFridays! What are you planting, growing and harvesting in your school food gardens at the moment? Share your stories and photographs with us in the comments below. We want to hear from you.

#FoodSecurity #GrowYourOwnFood #FutureFarmers

This World Hunger Day, we're honouring all those who are working hard towards a zero hunger future, increasing food security and growing more sustainable food systems. Here are recent highlights from Baxoxele Full-Service School in Soshanguve, Pretoria North. As you can see, the school has ...benefitted tremendously from the knowledge shared by the #EduPlant facilitators and the support of Tiger Brands. Look at all these vegetables and the wholesome meals that they're used in.

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In the Nkomazi west circuit of Mpumalanga, one of Lugedlane Primary School's biggest challenges is water scarcity. In 2002, the school started their food security project with the idea of supporting orphans who are looking after their siblings as well as their larger family. Now, the food covers four plots and includes a thriving herb garden! These herbs are harvested, prepared and packaged, and then sold. They're not only used in meals. They're used to make herbal remedies to cure colds and flu, sores, rashes, and to even treat ringworm. The vegetables are used in the school's feeding scheme and ensure that the learners have a warm, nutritious meal to eat as often as possible. More importantly, the food security project has resulted in less learner absenteeism from school and fewer poverty-induced illnesses. Here are some of the highlights!

If you would like to join the #EduPlant programme, apply here: If you would like to support EduPlant and Food & Trees for Africa, send us an email on

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What have you learned from the EduPlant programme?

Sizakancane Primary School said, "Food gardening at school has taught us how to become young entrepreneurs," in their #EduPlant2020 entry. In case you missed it, you can view the winning and finalist schools' videos from ...the competition last year on the EduPlant microsite and take a tour of their school food gardens too:

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